American Airlines Boeing 777 Flight 187 Chicago to Beijing Fuel Dump Emergency Landing

by Aviation News Reporter on June 6, 2011

American Airlines Boeing 777 Flight 187 Chicago to Beijing Fuel Dump Emergency Landing

American Airlines Boeing 777 Flight 187 Emergency Landing In Chicago O'Hare - Blown Tire

An American Airlines Boeing 777-200 (registration N782AN flight 187 from Chicago O’Hare IL (USA) to Beijing (China) with 249 people on board) was climbing out of runway 10 when the crew reported they suspected to have blown a tire during takeoff and requested a runway inspection. After contacting departure control the pilot reported that they believed to have blown a tire and were dealing with hydraulic problems. The aircraft leveled off at 6000 feet and entered a holding pattern to figure out the issue and the crew reporting they had to expect slow flap and slat operation and impaired gear operation. The tower reported that rubber including one large piece was found on the runway but no hydraulic fluid was found. The Boeing 777 subsequently flew over Lake Michigan to dump fuel. On approach to the runway the crew reported they had lost the right main gear inboard rear tire and performed a safe landing on runway number 10 about an hour and a half after departure…..

Officials from the Chicago Department of Aviation and American Airlines said flight 187/137 took off from Chicago at 9 p.m. on Sunday, bound for Beijing, and returned to O’Hare Airport around 10:30 p.m. without incident.

The plane, with 249 passengers aboard, had to dump 151,000 pounds of expensive Jet Fuel.

Landing over weight could have created more problems, but the plane landed safely and within weight limits, but a tire blew out upon their return landing.

Releasing the fuel wouldn’t have a negative impact on the lake because the process they use is called “venting the fuel.” An AA spokesman said the process allows the fuel to evaporate before it reaches the ground, or in this case, the lake.

A passenger told us he watched through the plane’s windows as the fuel was evacuated into the body of water.

Although everyone aboard became upset when they were told the plane had to return to Chicago, the flight crew remained calm throughout the incident.

American Airlines will be accommodating all passengers today.

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