Donald Trumps New Boeing 757 Costs $100 Million – Video Tour

by Aviation News Reporter on June 8, 2011

donald trump boeing 757

Donald Trump's New $100 Million Luxury Boeing 757

The Luxury Boeing 757 Jet is the perfect size to move Donald and an entourage around the country for a presidential run and the New York Post actually got onboard the jet.
It is fitted with a very attractive VIP interior and 43 seats for the requisite press corps, staff and security that come with a serious Presidential campaign. It has a private shower, a 52-in TV, and according to the pilot, a very impressive new sound system.

The cockpit has been upgraded to all-glass and closely resembles that of a Boeing 777. The new engines are beautiful big Rolls-Royce engines.
We are told this aircraft has cost Donald Trump $100 Million. Many 20-year-old 757s like this one sell for well under $10 million, that leaves $90 million to spend, which even the most blinged-out interior and cockpit upgrades would not seem to account for.

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