Airline Stowaway Found On A US Airways Airbus A320 Flight 908 (TPA CLT PIT Airports) Was An Airline Employee Late For Work?

by Aviation News Reporter on June 14, 2011

Stowaway On US Airways A320 Was An Airline Employee Late For Work

A Stowaway On US Airways A320 Flight 908 Was An Airline Employee Late For Work

There has been another report of a stowaway on a US Airways Airbus A320 Flight 908 at Charlotte-Douglas Airport.

Months after a teen secretly got into the landing gear of a plane in Charlotte, an airline employee stowed-away aboard a jet bound for Charlotte from Tampa.

Tuesday morning, an airline employee got onto an Airbus A320 aircraft in Tampa flew to Charlotte and made it all the way to Pittsburgh on another plane before he was caught.

The US Airways worker was arrested in Pittsburgh by Allegheny County Sheriff’s deputies after allegedly stowing away in a plane that flew into Charlotte.

The US Airways employee based in Tampa, hid in the APU panel of the plane, which is the auxiliary power unit located on the rear of the aircraft.

The late US Airways Employee boarded the Tampa bound jet, flight 908 at 5:30 am Tuesday then switched planes in Charlotte using a buddy pass to get to Pittsburgh.

US Airways released a statement saying it had “an incident” with a worker, but provided few details.

“We can confirm that we had an incident with an employee in this morning and are working with the proper authorities to determine exactly what occurred,” a media relations manager at US Airways wrote in an email.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released a statement Tuesday evening confirming they are investigating the alleged breach “to determine whether a US Airways employee may have improperly used his airport credentials to access the aircraft and subsequently travel on a flight from Tampa to Charlotte.”

The TSA also said the employee’s airport access credentials have been revoked pending the outcome of the investigation.

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