Southwest Airlines Pilot Broadcasts Physical Attributes Of SWA Flight Attendants Over ATC Radio – Raw UNCENSORED Audio

by Aviation News Reporter on June 22, 2011


Southwest Airlines Pilot Broadcasts Hate For Flight Attendants Over ATC Radio

A pilot has been suspended after broadcasting a slur-filled rant about flight attendants over an air-traffic control frequency that stopped controllers from contacting other aircraft.

The profanity-laced rant meant controllers were unable to contact other aircraft for several minutes potentially putting lives at risk.

The Southwest Airlines pilot launched into a swear laced tirade about gay, overweight and older flight attendants on a flight passing over Houston, Texas.

The pilot complained that most flight attendants weren’t acceptable dating prospects for him.

‘It was a continuous stream of gays, grannies and grandes,’ the pilot said.

The recording was obtained by the Houston Chronicle from the Federal Aviation Authority.

The pilot, who has not been named, had accidentally turned on his microphone while talking to his co-pilot.

He was unaware his conversation was being recorded and had no idea he was clogging up a frequency that prevented controllers in Houston from talking to dozens of other jets.

During his rant the pilot says of the flight attendants: ‘Well, I had Tucson to Indy all four weeks and, uh, Chicago crews … 11 out of 12 … there’s 12 flight attendants, individual, never the same flight attendant twice.

‘Eleven f*****g over the top f*****g homosexuals and a granny.

‘Eleven. I mean, think of the odds of that. I thought I was in Chicago, which was party-land. … After that, it was just a continuous stream of gays and grannies.’

Elsewhere he describes ‘fags’ and how they cramp his lifestyle.

He also talks about a night out where he says: ‘At the very end with two girls, one of them that was part do-able, but we ended up going to the bar and then to the crew at St. Louis, and all these two women wanted to do was, one wanted to berate her sister and the other wanted to bitch about her husband.’

After the conversation ended other pilots who had heard the tirade contacted air traffic control to deny any involvement.

The controller attempts to cut into the conversation to get control of the open line, but is unsuccessful for several minutes.

A spokesman for Southwest Airlines said the pilot had been suspended following the incident in March.

The spokesman said: ‘We are committed and dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of ethics in the industry; in fact we’ve built our Company’s reputation on the Golden Rule: treating others as you would like to be treated.

‘The actions of this pilot are, without question, inconsistent with the professional behavior and overall respect that we require from our Employees.’


The Southwest Airlines flight attendants union may file a discrimination charge against the airline after one of their pilot’s cockpit microphones became stuck open and an obscenity-laced rant about the physical attributes of flight attendants was broadcast across the entire Texas airspace.

“Flight attendants at Southwest Airlines are deeply disappointed and angered by the insensitive, and unprofessional comments demeaning flight attendants,” the union wrote in an online statement.

The pilot was suspended without pay, but has since returned to work after undergoing diversity training. Southwest tried to dismiss the rant as a “private conversation” and an isolated incident.

“We also are dismayed by the response from Southwest Airlines’ management,” the union wrote.


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