Boeing Finishing Assembly For First 787 For North American USA Airline Customer United Airlines

by Aviation News Reporter on August 18, 2011


Boeing Finishing Assembly For First 787 For North American Airline Customer United Airlines

Boeing started final assembly Tuesday of the first 787 Dreamliner for United Airlines, United parent United Continental Holdings announced.

United is set to get its first 787 in early 2012.

Before merging, United and Continental each ordered 25 787s.

United said its first 787 will have 36 flat bed seats in Business-First class, 63 extra-legroom seats in Economy Plus and 120 seats in Economy.

“We are proud to be the first North American airline to receive the 787, which will be a game changer for the new United and the industry,” United Airlines President and CEO said in a news release. “The 787 will be a very comfortable, customer pleasing aircraft, and with its range, fuel efficiency and superb operating economics, the 787 will allow us to enter new long-haul markets and also replace older, less-efficient wide body aircraft.”

Among the list of benefits United is promising are better lighting, bigger windows and overhead bins, increased cabin humidity (meaning your skin won’t dry out as much and you won’t get as dehydrated), lower cabin pressure and improved ventilation systems, among other “passenger-friendly features”.

The company plans to announce the 787 flight schedule later this year.

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