United Express Regional Jet Embraer ERJ-145 Flight 3363 Landing Ottawa Airport Skidded Off Wet Runway Landing Gear Destroyed

by Aviation News Reporter on September 6, 2011

United Express Regional Jet Embraer ERJ-145

United Express Regional Jet Embraer ERJ-145 Landing Ottawa Airport Skidded Off Rain Slicked Runway

A United Express regional jet (flight 3363) landing at Ottawa International Airport has skidded off a rain-slicked runway in daylight.

The aircraft was badly damaged and suffered a fuel leak after the landing gear collapsed and punctured the underside of the wing.

The pilots lost control of the small regional jet and it skidded off the runway at Ottawa Airports longest and widest. Its main landing gear under the wings collapsed as the aircraft slid on the rain softened earth.

Sunday’s mishap came barely 15 months when another 50 passenger Embraer ERJ-145 landed part-way down Ottawa Airports shorter runway after a flight from Washington and ran more than 400 feet off the end of the runway. There was substantial damage to the plane’s nose after the landing gear under the cockpit collapsed as the aircraft ran off the runway.

All runway mishaps at Ottawa involved Brazilian built Embraer 145 regional jets, flown by Trans States Airlines, a Missouri-based airline that paints its fleet of jets in United Express and US Airways Express colors and flies services for the big airliners.

Pilots complain about the smooth slick asphalt surface at Ottawa Airport but both its main runways are long enough to handle the world’s biggest and heaviest commercial jetliners, such as a Boeing 777. Average “landing” weight for an Embraer-145 is 20 tons.

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