JetBlue Airliner and Air India Aircraft Clip Each Other At JFK Airport

by Aviation News Reporter on March 9, 2013


air india clips jetblue at jfk

Airport and Aviation Authorities at JFK in New York are investigating how a taxiing Air India passenger jet bumped a JetBlue plane at John F. Kennedy Airport on Saturday morning.

The FAA says around 6:15 a.m. JetBlue145, an Airbus A320 aircraft, had pushed back from Gate 5, Terminal 4, at JFK Airport preparing for departure. Air India 102, a Boeing 777 aircraft, was already on the ramp. The wingtip of the B777 made contact with the horizontal stabilizer on the tail of the A320.

The damage to the trail rudder of the Jet Blue flight hit by the wing of the Air India plane is evident

The damage to the trail rudder of the Jet Blue flight hit by the wing of the Air India plane is evident

According to JetBlue, shortly after pushing back from the gate, its plane sustained damage to its tow bar. While retrieving a new tow bar, the aircraft remained stationary just short of the gate. At that time the Air India aircraft taxied into the area and made contact with JetBlue’s plane. The JetBlue aircraft sustained damage to its rudder and taxied back to the gate.

All 150 passengers from the JetBlue aircraft bound for West Palm Beach, Florida were removed and transferred to another plane. That plane departed around 9:20 a.m.

air india clips jetblue

Two planes collided on the ground early Saturday at John F. Kennedy International Airport, forcing 155 passengers to be transferred from their damaged vehicle.
The Air India and Jet Blue planes made contact near Terminal 4 at the airport around 6:15 a.m. Saturday morning, according to Jet Blue.

The incident occurred near Terminal 4 at JFK Airport in Queens New YorkA Port Authority spokesperson says no passengers were injured on either aircraft.

The Air India Jet passengers all went through customs.

The Air India jet incurred damage to the aircraft’s left wing tip, but no other details were available.

The FAA was investigating.

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