Thai Carrier Nok Airlines Gets Picky Hiring New Young Flight Attendants

by Aviation News Reporter on March 11, 2013


Smile over the sky! – Thai carrier Nok Airlines created a calendar with the Maxim girls that created disgust with many groups. The airline paraded Maxim models in front of the company airplanes to promote its flights within Thailand. See pictures below.

maxim nokair

nok airlines girl

nok air girls

nokair lady in front of airlinerThe above Nok Airlines Calendar can be found here on the Nok Air Facebook Page

nokair flight attendant requirementsAnd now………… Nok Airlines is hiring new flight attendants.
The airline is being very specific about what type of ladies they want to hire.

Here is the text version from the Nok Airlines website.


We are looking for individuals with these essential qualifications:
– Females, age not over 25 years. (At the time of application)
– Minimum height of at least 160 cm. (Weight must be proportional to height)
– TOEIC score results of 600 and up. (Taken within 1 years at the time of application)
– Able to swim 50 meters.
– Bachelor degree or higher in any field
– Excellent communication skills both in Thai and English, a third language especially Mandarin will be an advantage.
– Local dialect especially Northern, North Eastern, Southern, or Malay are advantageous.
– Exhibit professionalism and friendliness.
– Cabin Crew experience is an asset.
– Must not wear dental braces.

Ryanair has done the “Flight Attendant Calendar” also..

ryanair 2012 girlsryanair airlines calendar girls

Even the graphics on the Nok Airlines website always have girls in them. See below.

new plane for nok airlines

girls in nokair ad

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