Travel Service Boeing 737-800 Flight 7127 Egypt to Poland with 179 Passengers Lands and Overruns Runway – Photos

by Aviation News Reporter on March 12, 2013


A Travel Service Boeing 737-800 registration OK-TVP performing Flight 7127 from Egypt to Katowice Poland with 179 pax and 6 crew landed and overran the end of the runway and came to a stop with the nose gear and right main gear on soft ground. No injuries were reported.

boeing 737-800 overrun runway crash

The passengers disembarked through the rear doors using mobile stairs and onto the runway.

The nose gear sank almost completely into soft ground.

boeing 737-800 overruns runway crashThe airport reported the aircraft went off the runway during landing.

czech boeing 737 skids off runway

A similar incident occurred at Dublin Airport last week when the nosewheel of a small aircraft collapsed on the main runway.

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