Irish Low Cost Airline Ryanair To Purchase 170 Boeing 737 Airliners at $15 Billion – Record Ryanair Aircraft Order

by Aviation News Reporter on March 13, 2013


The Irish low cost airline Ryanair is soon to be announcing a $15 billion order for around 170 Boeing 737 passenger jets the biggest order ever from Ryanair.

ryanair to purchase 200 boeing 737 airlinersIt is the single biggest aircraft order ever placed by Ryanair and one of the biggest orders ever placed with Chicago based Boeing.

The order for current generation 737 aircraft (not the new NG) delivers a big boost to Boeing, which also won U.S. approval for test flights for its grounded 787 Dreamliner concerning battery issues on Tuesday.

Boeing is upgrading their medium haul passenger models to offer a nearly 15% fuel savings from the middle of the decade thus raising the prospect of great airline bargains on the outgoing Boeing 737 models to help manufacturers ensure steady production.

ryanair boeing 737The normal price for a Boeing 737-800 model is worth $89 million at current prices. However big orders attract major discounts and industry experts value the plane closer to $40 million.

The large aircraft order will help Boeing achieve a smoother transition between the old and new models while keeping production steady.

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